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Negotiating in an Economic Downturn

“The best time to negotiate is when you are willing to walk away from the deal,” says Donald Trump. The U.S. real estate mogul and reality TV star should know – one of Trump’s autobiographies is entitled the Art of the Deal. Trump’s entire career is based on putting together seemingly impossible deals, negotiating with […]

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21st Century Marketing the Old-Fashioned Way

With a recession affecting global business, entrepreneurs are turning to new techniques for marketing to capture the customer’s attention. While many African entrepreneurs have long used traditional marketing techniques, they are on the cutting edge for some U.S. executives. Surprisingly, the newest emerging marketing technique is old-school face-to-face personal interaction. Personal communication between two individuals […]

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Outsourcing Social Media

Busy business owners should consider delegating marketing – including marketing via social networking. Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in and similar sites can absorb an astonishing amount of time. The results of such marketing efforts may not be immediate. Designating someone else to handle social media makes sense for many entrepreneurs. “At first I was doing it all […]

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Twitter: The Next Step for Online Marketing

A number of “new” marketing techniques in social networking have flourished during the current recession. That is true across Africa as well as in the U.S. and Europe. These new networking techniques include, and email. More recently, however, Twitter has replaced Facebook as a primary business marketing tool, according to an article in […]

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Free or Low-cost Advertising

The key to success in marketing is finding the right customers, and finding enough of them whether the business is in Chad or Botswana – or anywhere else across the globe. Advertising can be an effective way to attract customer’s attention, but it may also be expensive. Try these less expensive tactics to capture attention […]

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Customer Satisfaction Tips from Kenya

Wanjiku Wangai of Kenya, owner of a small retail store, always handles customer complaints himself. “If I cannot deliver very good customer service my own self, how can I expect it of my employee?” he asks. “Besides, I learn a lot about how I can improve my business, when a customer complains. And they learn […]

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Avoid Web Design Pitfalls

Finding the right designer for a business website can be a major headache for business owners across Africa and the Diaspora, as these quotes from business owners illustrate: “I hired 3 web designers…and not one of them did a thing,” from a florist in Nigeria “I paid a very large amount of money, more than […]

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Niche Marketing

Niche Marketing Niche marketing is the latest trend for business owners from South Africa to Egypt. Trying to sell your products to everyone, everywhere sounds like a first-rate marketing concept – but it is seldom successful. The fastest-growing businesses identify a targeted market, and sell only to those customers. Find a Niche Many small business […]

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Top 4 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Around the globe, most small businesses fail within the first 3 years. All to often, it is because the entrepreneur made one of 4 very common mistakes. Any business owner, from a software giant in Kenya to a vintner in South Africa, should be wary of these common mistakes. Mistake #1: Don’t research the market. […]

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AGOA Eligible Countries

The Africa Growth and Opportunity Act authorizes the President to designate countries as eligible to receive the benefits of AGOA if they are determined to have established, or are making continual progress toward establishing the following: market-based economies; the rule of law and political pluralism; elimination of barriers to U.S. trade and investment; protection of […]

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