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Quick High-Tech Marketing Tips

Marketing is essential to the success of any large or small business, but it need not be expensive. Effective marketing doesn’t have to involve million-dollar contracts with leading international advertising agencies. Television and radio advertising in major markets can be prohibitively expensive. However, technology offers a wealth of easy, inexpensive ways to market products and services.

These inexpensive tips work as well for a family-owned business in Ethiopia as they do for a major international conglomerate based in Angola. In fact, because these tips are more personalized and require only a small time commitment, they may be more suited to small businesses than giant corporations.

Successful entrepreneurs agree that they key to a great marketing program is testing a number of strategies, and repeating those that work. Every business needs to engage in marketing on a regular basis, not just when revenue is down.

These quick marketing tips can help any business:

Rich Media

The Youtube.com sensation introduced an entire generation of customers to the possibilities of websites with embedded music and video clips. It is no longer enough to have a website that displays words on the page. The top websites incorporate sounds, graphics, videos and animation that reinforces the basic product message.

Problem solving

Customers expect excellent service, and will reward companies that deliver it. Every service problem is an opportunity to build a lasting relationship with that customer. Surveys show that customers who have had a problem resolved effectively are 75% more likely to buy from the company again, than are those who never had a problem.

Simple Ads

Marketing gurus report that small text-only internet ads cost less and often perform better than graphics, animation, pop-ups or other flashy ads. The latest trend is interactive ads, where the customer can influence the outcome.

While big, dramatic ads capture attention, they may also annoy the user who is focused on the web content. A small text ad with a link to your site will cost less. Since the price is per click, you pay only for customers who are genuinely interested in your product or service. While a website should include all the advanced features, the ads should be simple and understated.

Leverage Social Networks

The social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook are rapidly emerging as the premium 21st century marketing tools – but it is critical to use them effectively. Twitter now includes customized screen names, to make it easier for customers to find you.

Another exciting Twitter feature is online business cards. #twtbizcard allows you to create a business card with vital contact information. Attach the business card to a Twitter reply, and customers will have your information.

Assess your use of social networking sites like Myspace.com and Twitter with Spokeo. The site allows you to monitor your online presence on 43 different social networking sites including Flickr and Youtube to learn what customers are saying about you and your products. It’s also useful to check on potential employees or customers.

Free Duo software allows users to access social networking sites from their cell phone, quickly and easily.

Monitor New Trends

Entrepreneurs have an advantage adapting to changes in the market, because small companies are more flexible than large ones. Use Trendrr to stay informed of trends on blogs, social networking sites, videos, etc.

Twitter also shows users the hottest new topics being discussed. Tinker allows a business owner to choose a keyword and watch its trend – up or down – on Twitter.

Check Your Keywords

Many small business owners fail to establish a presence on keywords that are crucial for their business. An accountant in Nairobi, for example, may neglect to include “Nairobi accountant” in his keywords or meta tags. Registering tags, meta tags and location with Google can greatly increase website visibility at no cost.

Implementing these simple marketing techniques will make your small or large business more effecti

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